What to Consider When Hiring a Plumber

Plumbing problems are the bane of many a person’s existence but they do not have to be yours. You can avoid the residual headache such issues create by having the number of a reliable service on hand. The truth is the worst part of plumbing problems involve the actual contractor you pay to fix them. This is why when looking at plumbers it is important to take a few things into consideration.

License and Insurance

Obviously, the first thing you want to look at is a contractor’s legitimacy. Using plumbers who have no license, proof of insurance, or other important credentials is a risk you do not want to take. In the event of a disaster worthy of a YouTube compilation you want to make sure you are covered. You do not want to be held liable if the plumber gets hurt, or foot the bill for extended damage to your home. Legitimate plumbing services cover such disasters and compensate you fully. So make sure the company you are looking at has the necessary credentials before furthering your business relationship.

Always Check References, Ratings, and Reviews

Even if you have a family member provide you a referral you still want to view the company’s online presence. Ratings, reviews, and references give a complete idea of the service you are thinking of hiring. They effectively separate the wheat from the chaff. Good companies have great reviews from happy customers. Bad companies have horrible reviews from angry customers. If you do not want to be angry then go with the companies sporting the rave reviews.

Check For Complaints

A quick call to the Better Business Bureau can reveal any outstanding complaints levied against any plumbing Daphne AL company. This is useful when vetting plumbers as it narrows down choices even more than ratings and reviews do. What you are looking for is a lengthy string of complaints. You want to see if such complaints have been resolved and how recent those complaints are. If the company has recent complaints that are unresolved choose another plumber. There is something fundamentally wrong with their practice and they present a higher risk of mistakes being made.


A great sign of a company’s reliability is their age. Disreputable companies never stand the test of time the way reputable companies do. So ask your plumber how many years they have been in the business. Experience says a lot about the kind of job you can expect. An experienced plumber is reliable and less prone to make mistakes. They also know how to do the job right and are not fettered by a learning curve.

Comparison Shop

The last thing to consider is price. Once you have three reliable companies chosen get quotes. The way these plumbers quote prices to you, gauge the job, and treat you the customer says a lot about their work ethic. The quotes should be around the same ballpark so if a plumber quotes you really low or really high find out why. You should never go the cheapest route based on price alone.