Does Your Furnace Need An Annual Inspection?

While the manufacturers of residential HVAC systems usually recommend that you should have a yearly inspection done by a professional, there is a lot of debate about this especially if the system is newer. There are many contractors who say that you can get an inspection done every other year until a residential heating system irving tx is around a decade old and then it should be performed every year until it needs replacing. Here are a few questions you may be asking about furnace tune-ups.

What Does A “Tune Up” Entail?

There are different levels of maintenance packages that you can purchase from a contractor. If you only spend $25 on some deal that you found online, there’s a good chance that it won’t be as extensive as a package that is a couple hundred dollars. The language used to describe these packages are subtle and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out the differences between them. While there isn’t really any industry standard when it comes to these inspections, there are a few things that most of them include.

Your vent system will be checked and cleaned if needed. This includes the parts on the outside of your home. They will also check the blower access door to see if there is still a tight enough seal. The system will be checked for erosions and rust and they will make sure that the ignition and burner are working correctly. One of the important parts of the testing includes checking to make sure that the amp output and gas are correct in the system. This is very important for safety and making sure that everything is running efficiently.

Can Someone Do This Themselves?

If you have the correct training and the right equipment, there is a good chance that you could do all of the maintenance and testing yourself. Unfortunately, the equipment used is expensive and HVAC contractors go through extensive training in order to gain the knowledge needed about these systems. Make sure to ask what’s included in your package because if you’re only willing to pay for them to put a vacuum in your vents, you can probably do that yourself.

Is It Worth The Money?

As mentioned before, the cheap package probably isn’t going to include everything you want and some reputable contractors won’t even bother to offer something so basic. That light of an inspection isn’t enough to catch a lot of the problems that your furnace could be having. By catching these problems early, they are able to be repaired before it becomes a huge problem. On average, you can expect to be paying between $75 and $150 for each annual or semi-annual inspection. Nobody wants their heater to just suddenly go out in the middle of the winter and emergency service can cost a lot more than if you have it addressed before winter even starts. In fact, you can sometimes get discounts on work by calling for repairs during off seasons.