Consider a Split System When Shopping for a New HVAC

A lot of consumers become more confused than when they started as they begin using the web to research something as in-depth as a HVAC system. As you’ve googled strings such as, “residential air conditioning installation lexington park md,” you’ve likely seen the words, “split system,” being used quite a bit. A lot of people that want to install a new HVAC system, or even update their current one, are in the complete dark when it comes to the types of systems that are out there. Over three quarters of people with a central heating and air system within their home possess a split system. We’ll discuss what a split system is and also take a look at some of the advantages that such a system might offer over others.

Advantages of a Split System

Split systems are more costly initially, so people always seem quite eager to get to the benefits of such systems. Hands down, there is not a more efficient way to achieve whole home heating and cooling than with a split system. Also, consider that as time passes, you can spread this initially higher cost over the life of a split system and see that it might actually be cheaper than some of the alternatives that are out there. Convenience is another factor that is often cited by owners of a split system. The end user only has to approach one thermostat and he/she can control the temperature of all the rooms of the home at once.

The Name Says It All

As the name suggests, these systems are split. What are they split between? The indoor components and the outdoor ones! That’s right, these systems utilize a variety of components both within your home and right outside of it. Let’s take a look at the most common outdoor components…

It’s Just the Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is the lone unit in the category of, “outside components.” A condenser coil and compressor are stored within this metal device that is oftentimes found on one side of the home. When the device kicks on, you will often see a fan blowing the warm air from the coils into the great outdoors!

What Parts are Inside of the House?

The Air Handler is the first item that many people think of when they hear HVAC. In most cases, an air handler will be stored within the attic somewhere. Another type of coil is inside of this handler. Not the condenser coil but the evaporator one. The blower is also inside of such a cabinet. This is why the device is usually referred to as the air handler. There are a few other components inside though…

Air Ducts and the Thermostat

The air handler will typically feed it’s blown air directly into ducts that dump off into multiple locations throughout the home. There is usually, at the very least, one vent fed by such a duct within each room of the home. The thermostat is on your hallway wall and controls the equipment. That’s the easy component that everybody is familiar with!